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Episode 4. The Kingdom of the Kongo - at its best and at its worst

Here we follow the journey of the Kingdom of the Kongo from the 16th Century to the end of the 19th Century.

In these times the Kingdom was able to act as an independent power in its own right, acting as an ally, or a foe, to fellow African Kingdoms and European Powers.

But ultimately it was unable to withstand the many challenges, both internal and externally, that it faced in these turbulent times. It's weakness of position and lack of cohesion gave others the opportunity to exploit its riches and people, as it's nobles jockeyed for position in the damaged Kingdom.

But in this adversity a voice of hope of emerged which would act as a rallying cry and resonate through the ages in the form of a young woman...

The image I have attached for this episode are 17th century crosses from the Kingdom. These are a tangible link to the embrace given by the Kingdom to Catholicism back in the 15th century, and the importance of MBanza Kongo, or Sao Salvador as it was later named.

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