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Welcome to the History of the Congo website.  

This site is the accompaniment to the History of the Congo Podcast.  This podcast narrates the history of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) from pre-historic times to the present day.  It aims to detail the key historical events and contexts, sticking as much as possible to the stories of the people of the Congo.  Through this we can start to understand some of the characteristics of the DRC today. 

The ambition is to promote the understanding of the country to spread the passion of interest on this often mis-understood country.  As the history becomes ever more up to date we will interview people who can share their insights on the Congo.  These will vary from Kimbanguists, Conservationists. people living in the Congo and members of the Congolese diaspora living throughout the world.   

The podcast is an ongoing project and is currently written to the start of the 1960s, when independence is coming.  Episodes will be released regularly.  

As the podcast gains support the intention is to partner with a Congo charity to help improve the lives of the many people living there.  


We aim to improve understanding and support those living in the Congo

As the Podcast gains momentum we expect to partner with Congolese charities and the podcast community can directly particiapte in and visibly see their support for aid efforts in the Congo.  

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