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The History of the Congo - Podcast

Until the late 19th Century maps prepared by European cartographers showed Central Africa, and the Congo basin, as either fabricated or a blank space. 


But there were thousands of years of history before that. 


Today the Democratic Republic of the Congo fills much of this space. 

In season one of the podcast we delve into the past, exploring the Kingdoms of the Kongo, Luba and the Lunda . We give narrative, context and personal insights to the end of the 19th Century. 

In season two, perhaps uniquely,  we will continue this  journey on to the present day. 


In the past twenty years The Congo has emerged from the Cold War Mobutu regime of Zaire and the Great Africa War but remains one of the richest, yet poorest, lands on earth. 

Join me as we explore its story and think about how it came to be this way. 

Seasons  one and and two are now fully punblished and available to listen.  

So far we have covered the history of the DRC from it's topographical origins, through the pre-colonial empires right up to 1960 when independence about to start. 

Season three will pick up in early 2023 we start a new chapter in the lands history - when the DRC sits as an independent state for the first time.   

Previous research projects include research trips to London, Brussels and Lisbon.  

Forthcoming projects include interviews with Kimbunguists, Congo Park rangers and of course travels to the Con

Listen to the History of the Congo Podcast on iTunes, Spotify and all the leading podcast hosts. 

Ultimately if we achieve traction with the podcast I hope to partner with a charity and allow people to donate to to these.  I am sure the story will inspire us all to become more involved in this area of our planet.  

I LOVE TO HEAR FEEDBACK AND RECEIVE MAILS!!! To get in touch e-mail me directly at author 

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